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This is a portfolio website for Fredrik Sten a sound designer and composer of music for video games. Fredrik is specialized in game sound and skilled in implementing techniques such as FMOD, various hardware and software for sound design and music composing.

Photo by Kjersti Kravik

Photo by Kjersti Kravik

Having studied music, music production, video game development and the video game industry, I am familiar with voice-over recordings, implementation techniques in FMOD/Unity3D, audio mixing & mastering of final products in DAW as well as music composing and sound design for the game industry.

I work in a unique and creative way with sound. I begin every project with thorough background research of the concept at hand. I discuss closely with the developers and designer(s), to understand the game's core and it's essence. It is important to me to know what the underlying thoughts of the game are and what kind of ideas are the building blocks of the specific game. It is important to do this before starting and creating any audio for any project, as getting information from the team and game designers is key.

I work also as an independent artist and I do not take shortcuts in my work, or use any "dull" approach, when creating original audio for an artistic purpose. I believe that it's important to deliver unique materials, to set a game apart.

From years of experience in sound technique and with a wide range of experience as a musician, I have worked in different environments with diverse people of international origin. I've worked with game industry and music industry professionals of various backgrounds and expertise. 

I look forward to hearing from you about your project.



  • “I have had the opportunity to work with Fred Sten during his studies at Oulu Game LAB and also through my company, FanART Games. Fred is a very responsible, proactive and talented artist, open for feedback and for new experiences and extremely creative. We plan to use several of his compositions in our games and continue collaborating with him in long-term basis, as he is very easy to work with and reliable. I recommend him to any production.”Patricia Toledo Project Manager - Oulu Game LAB - CEO - FanART Games Ltd. -

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